When I opened my facebook account, this was the lowest notification appeared though first caught my attention. I was really surprised. Two words that made my day more truly blessed. Words to keep. Heartfelt. 😢👬

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A week after I went home to Quezon Province. I miss the environment of love. I miss the fresh air at peace. The people who cares. The source of happiness. #quezon #home #vacation (at Highpoint Building)

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Sweet and fresh! It was like I bought 1 kilo of grapes and lansones worth 14K. Haha Worth it!👌👌 Thank you Brazil and Viente for these blessings. 🙏👮👷 Another happy tummy. #blessings #fruits #sweet #inexchange (at The Home Depot, Manila Bay)

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I was looking for a food when my driver handed this to me. Good timing! Mabait daw ako kaya may reward ako. 😇😅 Yehey! Salamat po sa pasalubong Ma’am Contie. Sana lahat ng nagpapaVUR may pasalubong. 😈😷 #thankyou #delicacies #pampanga #chocolitos (at CW Home Depot - Manila Bay)

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When I was a child, we used Gumamela in bubble-making. We crashed the petals until sticky substance comes out. Medyo matrabaho lang at makalat. Lalo na kapag kumapit sa damit, mantsa. Tsk tsk #gumamela #flower #sahalamanannilola #pink #childmemories


"Mango in general is the national fruit of the Philippines. It is the most popular among the fruits that you can find in our country. It has a lot of variety, different in size,shape and color, we even have mangoes having a mixture of green and red." Indian mango by Garra Villora
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Timbang ko lang naman ito. Haha IDK kung normal ba ito, gumaan ba ako o bumigat? Masabi lang na may bigat din ako. #weight #iwonder

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Our newest picture together. Haha love making fun of our picture. #hero #cartoonized

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Was captured by this #gigantic, #green, #irradiated mutated humanoid #monster with incredible strength and an inability to control his rage. (Via wikipedia) #feelingsmart #hulk #victim


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So trueee!

So trueee!

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Delicious dessert! #shakeys #icecream #eatstagram #wantsome (at Shakey’s)

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